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5679 1278698220 Creating Your Own Monologue
Laura Lang-Ree
Character Analysis
High School

Students 'stuck' with their character development in class? This activity takes them out of the box by putting them in the role of 'teacher' and by using the multi-media skills they love so much....

1465 1277465338 Self Analysis/Monologue work
Other Lesson Plan

Teachers introduce open scenes to students. Helpful actor coaching exercise. Focuses actor in importance of working with partner. Boosts imagination and variety of approaching scenework.

12103 1276813457 Open Scenes
High School

I choose a character from the show we are working on and I describe that character in a word that the students might run into while taking their SAT's. Music Man and the word could be For...

796 1276600703 SAT Character Words of the Day
Other Lesson Plan

Using a varied soundtrack, students improvise on a given start topic and adjust as the soundtrack changes

1363 1276533427 The Truman Show
Character Analysis
High School

A simple "be with" exercise to allow singers to explore facial expression in performance.

958 1276456622 An Exercise in Facial Expression Awareness
Middle School
Oedipus Rex

Students learn the script structure for Greek Tragedy and then take a familiar fairy tale and create their own Tragedy.

2145 1276153874 Writing a Greek Tragedy
Other Lesson Plan

This exercise helps students learn to hear harmony and learn to listen to other parts while singing their own notes independently.

601 1275398138 Ellen Shuler - Music Director
The Tempest

Students will use their personal resources to transport themselves to a shipwrecked island as characters in "The Tempest".   Essential Question:  How did the shipwrecked crew and...

1148 1274774757 Shipwrecked!

Students select a 15-minute scene from a film or tv show and stage it for a live performance

889 1274652534 The Film to Stage Project