Small groups of students use persuasive writing to create original commercial advertisements for products or services related to a shared story or stories.  Student groups perform commercials...

3132 1309867001 Fairy Tale Commercials
Gai Jones
Character Analysis

4943 1309633516 Acting, Mime, Improv, Character Work, Journal Topics, Quotes
Other Lesson Plan
High School

Starting from scratch & teaching the basics with non-dancers for a High School Musical Production.  Only brief/informal instructions.

2072 1309430989 Dance Lessons for beginners

This lesson is based on an episode of the TV show Project Runway.  In this lesson, the students are randomly assigned a film genre, and they will then create the idea for a film in that genre...

5446 1284555802 Project Runway Costume Design Lesson
High School, College

This project will consist of two components. The first is a written Concept Statement and the second is a Visual Concept Design Board. Both parts of the project...

2918 1279294205 Concept Project
Costume Design

Students design costumes based on a general idea, concept or theme of your choice.

2399 1279293491 Costume Creation
High School, College

Students do in-depth research and song analysis.

1117 1279293168 Piece Analysis
Other Lesson Plan

A character building/acting excersize using etudes from Great Scenes for Young Actors - Volume II.

2740 1279292327 Dramatic Etudes
Character Analysis
High School, College, Adults

A writing exercise to help find the objectives of your character.

2451 1279291350 Character Exercise
I love Ragtime
High School


1070 1279274549 Creating a comic character and scene