Other Lesson Plan

These are notes from Jennie Marino's prop design class at the 2011 Broadway Teachers Workshop.

1958 1311606466 Prop Design Notes from Jennie Marino at the 2011 BTW
Other Lesson Plan

These notes were submitted by Carla Silver

1337 1311023021 Notes from the 2011 Broadway Teachers Workshop, July 11 - 13
Other Lesson Plan

These are the notes my daughter, Amy, and I took at the workshop.  Feel free to use/peruse/copy them or correct any errors.

2279 1311021499 Broadway Teachers' Workshop July 11-13, 2011

This UbD constructed activity was designed while earning my MA in Theatre Education from the university of Northern Colorado.  It is designed to help students treat the performance of a song...

15358 1310041824 Bob Henrichs/Director of Theatre, Lincoln Southwest HS, Lincoln, NE
Elementary School

Introduction to theatre and Broadway. Simple 45 minute lesson plan introduces children to the magical world of theatre.

2126 1309994630 Give My Regards to Broadway

Students adapt a children's story into a script and perform with minimal costumes and sets to emphasize the words used in the piece.

3419 1309875313 Adapting a Short Story into a Script

Small groups of students use persuasive writing to create original commercial advertisements for products or services related to a shared story or stories.  Student groups perform commercials...

3099 1309867001 Fairy Tale Commercials
Gai Jones
Character Analysis

4886 1309633516 Acting, Mime, Improv, Character Work, Journal Topics, Quotes
Other Lesson Plan
High School

Starting from scratch & teaching the basics with non-dancers for a High School Musical Production.  Only brief/informal instructions.

2043 1309430989 Dance Lessons for beginners

This lesson is based on an episode of the TV show Project Runway.  In this lesson, the students are randomly assigned a film genre, and they will then create the idea for a film in that genre...

5356 1284555802 Project Runway Costume Design Lesson