For ages:

High School, College



This project will consist of two components. The first is a written Concept Statement and the second is a Visual Concept Design Board. Both parts of the project will be presented to the class as a concept design presentation. You will address the class and explain your concept as though you were planning to direct and produce your chosen play and the members of the class were various members of your design team. You will choose a musical or a straight play, but it  must be a script that I have or you must provide me with a copy of a script that you would like to use but that I do not have on my shelves.


Full Lesson Plan

Written Concept Statement


In your written concept statement, you will address all elements of the production, that is:


- Background information about the playwright

- Social/Political climate of the period the play is set, and how the life of the playwright influenced the play.

- Color Palette

- Set Design

- Costume Design

- Props and Furniture

- Lighting

- Music

- Choreography/staging


The Concept Statement must be well written using the correct theatre terminology. You must write a minimum of one paragraph addressing each element of the production listed above. You will turn in Draft #1 of this statement on the due date given. I will indicate many changes/improvements you should make in the statement prior to final presentations and return it to you for revision. One day prior to your oral presentation of the project, you will provide a copy of the revised written Concept Statement to me. I will, in turn, provide a copy of your Concept Statement to each member of the class on the day of your oral presentation.


Visual Concept Design Board

 The design board works as a visual aid in helping you explain your concept to your design team. It should include as much information as possible to give your designers a clear idea of your concept. Your design board should give the designers an idea of your color palette, the setting of the play, the political climate at the time of the play's setting and any incidents that may have had an impact on the behavior of the characters or on the story itself (i.e. a storm, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK.