Middle School
12 1412827023 flatterie une fois que nous pouvons voir de promo desigual sacs desigual
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the powerpoint presentation from Michael Clark's Projections class at the 2014 Broadway Teachers Workshop.

451 1406635756 Projections for Everyone with Michael Clark
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts from Peter Avery's Theatre and the Common Core Learning Standards session.

653 1406387516 Theatre and the Common Core Learning Standards with Peter Avery
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts from Mark Schneider's Running Successful Auditions Workshop.

337 1406210706 Running Successful Student Auditions with Mark Schneider
Other Lesson Plan

Attached are the handouts from Peter Flynn's Directing Class at the 2014 Broadway Teachers Workshop.

224 1406030978 Directing with Peter Flynn
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find a description of the theatre games presented at Michael-David Gordon's session at the 2014 Broadway Teachers Workshop.

593 1406030562 Theatre Games Session with Michael-David Gordon
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts from Ira Mont's Stage Management Class.

352 1404990167 Stage Management - Ira Mont
Other Lesson Plan

This Powerpoint instructs on basic expectations of theatrical performer rehearsal etiquette

405 1404388272 Performer Rehearsal Etiquette
Other Lesson Plan

This is great for a day when you want your students to break into group and work on something you can observe. It's a great test to see "where they are at"...

1589 1391012151 Three Unrelated Words
Middle School

Teach Shakespearean language and the concept of genre all at the same time. Great for an introduction into studying Shakespeare, or a stand alone lesson as well.

597 1391011657 Shakespeare/Genres
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the powerpoint presentation from Michael Clark's Projections workshop.

1808 1377472506 Projections Workshop
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the notes from Michael David Gordon's Acting Class

1957 1376746158 Michael David Gordon - Acting Class

Attached please find the handouts from John Basil's Shakespeare class.

1269 1374301532 Shakespeare - John Basil
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts from the Stage Management Class.

1834 1374301412 Stage Management
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handout from the Sound Advice: Using Body Microphones session.

906 1374231514 Sound Advice: Using Body Microphones
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handout from the Stage Make-up session.

1418 1374231291 Stage Make-up
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts from Singing Gershwin: Musical Theatre Song Interpretation

1068 1374230922 Singing Gershwin: Musical Theatre Song Interpretation
Other Lesson Plan

Attached please find the handouts used for the Connect and Share session on Day 1 with Nicole Kempskie

540 1374229598 Connect and Share: Nicole Kempskie
Other Lesson Plan
Middle School

Writing and recording your own old time Spooky Radio Show.

1194 1372938231 Zoraida Adams/Theatre Teacher/Director/Producer
Other Lesson Plan
Middle School

"Today,Drama students will learn the responsibilities of the Prop Crew and experience the technical aspects of production'.

1040 1361301444 The Prop Crew
Other Lesson Plan

Teaching students how to audition in the most brilliant, sarcastic way possible.

2656 1351261033 How NOT To Audition
Other Lesson Plan

This is a copy of the handout given at John Tartaglia's Puppet class at the 2011 Broadway Teachers Workshop

2109 1311607109 Puppetry Notes from John Tartaglia at the 2011 BTW
Other Lesson Plan

These are notes from Jennie Marino's prop design class at the 2011 Broadway Teachers Workshop.

2071 1311606466 Prop Design Notes from Jennie Marino at the 2011 BTW
Other Lesson Plan

These are the notes my daughter, Amy, and I took at the workshop.  Feel free to use/peruse/copy them or correct any errors.

2330 1311021499 Broadway Teachers' Workshop July 11-13, 2011

This UbD constructed activity was designed while earning my MA in Theatre Education from the university of Northern Colorado.  It is designed to help students treat the performance of a song...

15434 1310041824 Bob Henrichs/Director of Theatre, Lincoln Southwest HS, Lincoln, NE

Students adapt a children's story into a script and perform with minimal costumes and sets to emphasize the words used in the piece.

3500 1309875313 Adapting a Short Story into a Script

Small groups of students use persuasive writing to create original commercial advertisements for products or services related to a shared story or stories.  Student groups perform commercials...

3193 1309867001 Fairy Tale Commercials
Gai Jones
Character Analysis

5011 1309633516 Acting, Mime, Improv, Character Work, Journal Topics, Quotes

This lesson is based on an episode of the TV show Project Runway.  In this lesson, the students are randomly assigned a film genre, and they will then create the idea for a film in that genre...

5684 1284555802 Project Runway Costume Design Lesson
Costume Design

Students design costumes based on a general idea, concept or theme of your choice.

2483 1279293491 Costume Creation
Other Lesson Plan

A character building/acting excersize using etudes from Great Scenes for Young Actors - Volume II.

2822 1279292327 Dramatic Etudes
Character Analysis
1616 1279274427 When You Show Your Character Work
Other Lesson Plan

Teachers introduce open scenes to students. Helpful actor coaching exercise. Focuses actor in importance of working with partner. Boosts imagination and variety of approaching scenework.

16051 1276813457 Open Scenes
Other Lesson Plan

Using a varied soundtrack, students improvise on a given start topic and adjust as the soundtrack changes

1522 1276533427 The Truman Show
Middle School
Oedipus Rex

Students learn the script structure for Greek Tragedy and then take a familiar fairy tale and create their own Tragedy.

2771 1276153874 Writing a Greek Tragedy
Other Lesson Plan

This exercise helps students learn to hear harmony and learn to listen to other parts while singing their own notes independently.

701 1275398138 Ellen Shuler - Music Director
The Tempest

Students will use their personal resources to transport themselves to a shipwrecked island as characters in "The Tempest".   Essential Question:  How did the shipwrecked crew and...

1286 1274774757 Shipwrecked!

Students select a 15-minute scene from a film or tv show and stage it for a live performance

1019 1274652534 The Film to Stage Project
Other Lesson Plan

Using at least an 8.5” x 11” piece of poster board, please design a “Show...

974 1273848028 Show Card
The King I

Useful lessons to correspond with the ensemble members for the King & I.  The Royal Wives and children get to create characters through the choice and use of real names from Siam. ...

707 1271323698 King & I lessons
Other Lesson Plan

Vocal Improvisation in ostinato choral parts

700 1265309233 Beth Hull, HS/MS Choral Director
Other Lesson Plan

Students will gain part-holding independence via a vocal warm-up

1417 1264169541 Vocal Warm-up
Other Lesson Plan

Four Stage Managing Handouts were distributed during the Session C Broadway Teachers Workshop. They are entitled "Scenic Elements", "Stage Managers Calling Script", "Actors Script", and "Stage...

2145 1248033454 Stage Managing Handouts

This activity occurs after a thorough explanation and discussion of what subtext is.

1958 1247475915 Teaching Subtext

This is good for during rehearsal of class work scenes
or after viewing aplay/movie or scene from one as a class.

Get inspired by the emotions of the scene to create one


851 1247475694 Images as Inspiration

Give students tools and opportunity to approach unknown verse text with confidence

Character Analysis
1348 1247242689 Monologue/Scene Assignment
Other Lesson Plan

Enhanced physicality, reaction, expression and connection between characters

2727 1247237498 Gibberish Rehearsal
Other Lesson Plan

A great way to help students memorize monologues or scenes without getting into a set rhythm and delivery is to have them say the lines as a wide range of characters. This not only helps in the...

1204 1247237357 Monologue Work: The Character Game
Other Lesson Plan

Throughout the entire run of the show, I am always giving the students things to read and to think about how it relates to the show and how it relates to life.  I have found that it makes a...

1127 1247237186 The Five Great Lessons!
Social Issues

Adapt scripts from stories in the news!

1074 1247236782 Writing Scripts from News Stories
Other Lesson Plan

Global awareness of our ecological footprint is a responsibility of our global community.  Global action to prevent the destruction of our planet is a human necessity.  International...

771 1247236671 Junk to Funk
Other Lesson Plan

A soundscape is comprised of characteristic types of sound commonly heard in a given period or location.

1827 1247228510 Soundscape
Other Lesson Plan

Use when studying how the music moves the plot or sets the tone of a show.

832 1247228259 MUSICAL IMPROV
Other Lesson Plan
779 1247228173 ABRA CADABRA
Costume Design

Students will gain an understanding of the importance of costumes in determining a character's age, gender, and personality. Each student working in a small group will be given a chance to design...

2088 1247227987 Garbage Bag Costume
Creative Writing
Our Town

Three easy steps
1.    I begin the class by having one student perform Emily’s monologue or by showing the video clip. 
2.    I then pass out this...

1353 1247227663 "Our Town," Emily's Monologue
Other Lesson Plan

Each selects a classmate’s name out of a hat, and I keep track on my own list of who has whom. I suggest they keep it a secret, but you know how that can go!  They have several days to write...

886 1247227293 AND THE AWARD GOES TO… !
Other Lesson Plan

1) To remove much of the fear of performing from timid students. 

2) To  emphasize how the entire body is needed to promote a character.

3) To provide a group project where...

1040 1247227169 Paper Bag Masks/Skits

Student introduced to the concept of pretending/role playing and how each actor brings his/her own experiences to a performance.

908 1247226994 Individual Experiences Influence Performance
Other Lesson Plan

To familiarize students with essential performance principles that are directly related to the musical theatre genre.  These principles have some application in solely dramatic presentations...

1997 1247226235 Performance Principles for Musical Theatre
Other Lesson Plan

Aim: How can we use various levels to present a clear and specific “tableau vivant”?

1424 1247135978 Tableau Vivant with Levels
Other Lesson Plan

“You can do anything for 15 minutes.”

In the theatre, we have so many areas to keep track of that we sometimes feel like maintenance...

606 1247135075 Timing Is Everything! Especially for the organizationally-challenged …
Other Lesson Plan

Students will understand the structure, strategies and performance style ofproducing a show for children, but performed by adults.

2036 1247134810 Types of Drama - Children's Theater
Other Lesson Plan

This is an excellent exercise to begin working with the members of a new company/production. I’ve had success with players from ages 8 through adults with both performers and technicians. All...

945 1247134194 Trust Exercise for Theatre Company

Students create costumes made out of garbage bags.

1192 1246986987 Garbage Bag Costumes
Character Analysis

- Students will learn to pick up on visual clues to create characters.
- Students will understand the importance of character back-story, motivation, goals, problems and conflicts.

1148 1246985168 Creative Exercises with Character Cards
Social Issues

The students will be able to demonstrate understanding of team work and the role of cooperation in achieving life goals and how musical theater can communicate that message.

811 1246984351 Into the Woods Jr.
U.S. History

Students learn difference between Award Shows such as:

 - Academy Awards- also known as the Oscars- for Motion Pictures
 - Antoinette Perry Award- also known as Tony’s- for...

589 1246975540 Awards Show (And the trophy goes to...)
Other Lesson Plan

To teach students how to express emotions onstage by identifying and practicing these emotions, investigating examples of melodramam and eventually writing and rehearsing an act in a melodramatic...

4101 1246532187 Teaching Expression Using Melodrama
Tech Terms

Students will learn to understand cue-to-cue language and actions used for stage signals, the role of a stage manager/prompter and how to run the technical equipment used in the theater during a...

2375 1246530640 Cue To Cue
Other Lesson Plan

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of team work and the role cooperation in achieving life goals and how musical theater can communicate that message.

1027 1246366250 Into the Woods Jr. Exercise
Other Lesson Plan

A list of thought provoking questions to get an actor thinking about his or her craft and the nature of acting.

1623 1246361386 Daily Bell Work
Other Lesson Plan

To memorize a song in order to clarify the meaning of its text, to practice diction, to place emphasis on being present and preparing a set up, and to develop coordination of rhyhm of text.

960 1246313626 Acting the Song

To create a new product and then write a commercial to sell it.

997 1246312227 Television Commercial
Other Lesson Plan

Discuss the use of tactics: How do we get what we want?

696 1246311915 Who Gets the Dollar?
Other Lesson Plan

Allow students to share information with each other and see if they can identify wants and goals in the story.

636 1246311720 What I Did This Summer
Greek Tragedy

To better understand a myth as a story or legend - sometimes invented, sometimes based loosely on fact  that is handed down from generation to generation.

1152 1246311435 Theatre History Myths
Other Lesson Plan
Little Women

A few ideas for anyone interested in producing or directing Little Women.

681 1246302310 "Little Women" Ideas:
Set Design, Tech Terms

Actors need to know where and how to move on stage in order to reveal more information about a character and to be aware of ones setting/surroundings. Can be used as a warm up activity or until...

3568 1246301806 The Six Tricks of Stage Direction Bliss/"Director Says"
Character Analysis

Useful in helping young actors work on character development and to understand the difference between acting and "indicating" - reacting in character rather than trying to figure out how a...

1378 1246299267 How Would Your Character React?